Rosarium is a rose garden, the secret place of meditation and the setting of mystical wedding. Rose is the supreme love that dissolves it all in its beauty and total dedication. Rose is also the core of a person, the supreme heart signifying the lasting transformation of a being. Delving into the heights of the blue skies, I enter the spaces of sparkling reality of the inner worlds. With flaming roses I multiply the unity in the spherical form of eternity.


Tabula rasa – a hardly attainable position if one tries to contemplate the artwork that explores the motif charged with complex symbolic connotations. The situation gets even more complicated if the symbol connotes ancient roots. Respectively, it exists throughout different periods of time. This symbol acquires different meanings. It changes its shape adapting itself to the specificities of time, place and psyche.
How to read Gloria Oreb’s painted series?
The term of transformation urges the viewer to examine the meaning of "being open" in the approach to the work of art. The category of open work elaborates U. Eco, author of the novel whose title includes the rose. I tend to furnish this rose the quality of alchemical transformations. The transformation actually happened in the form of the historic novel taken from modernity.
What is the place of origin of Gloria Oreb's rose?
Literally from the garden! The record of the chosen rose, or roses with the camera served as a template for subsequent painting transformations. By repeating the same motif twelve times, the artist removes the rose along with its transformed attributes back to the "garden" as to a place of meditative concentration. The meditation is based on discipline that enables another and different states of consciousness. The observer is certainly in the field of meditation, which should not necessarily remind of the Christianity as a religion that prevails in this area. In the backdrop of the "garden" one can sense an undetectable "dimension" of heaven, which indicates a supreme reality.

Dalibor Prančević