A mirror in the golden frame is the object of reflection into the space of another reality. The fairytale-like inverted reality's field sharpens our vision of the world on this side, so we may put the following question: What preoccupies us more - the dimension in front of or behind the mirror? Peeking in the mirror is not just gazing into some reflection, but it is also learning about the reality that in the transmission on the mirror membrane creates a genuine moment of cognition. The large number of possible realities condenses on the mirror. The golden frame is the signifier of an object's context, but it is also the physical holder of the mirror glass. Gold in analogy with the sun and the mirror is the symbol of the sun. The light reflection is a carrier giving an inverted picture of reality, whereas the mirror is the symbol of symbolism. Nevertheless, the concept of the mirror has become the symbol of vanity, whereas the concept of gold represents greed and consumerism ... So, let us gaze into the Golden Chamber, both inwards and outwards!