• In the ambient work Laboratory, I have arranged the drawings in spatial correlation with empty jars that originally contained food,
  • In the Time and Space Triptych, being the ambient work composed of fifteen angular canvases (divided into cycles of five)
  • The Other Sky, together with Aurum and Illuminations, constitutes a trilogy and everything that has hitherto been indicated as a
  • Starting from the circle as starting point of her creation, Gloria Oreb proceeds with her artistic endeavours towards the primordial
  • The circle with an inscribed centre denotes the chemical element of gold and the astronomical symbol of the Sun as
  • Rose is the supreme love that dissolves it all in its beauty and total dedication. Rose is also the core
  • Ten paintings (acrylic on a paper) is exhibit on gallery walls, with charcoal drawing outline of house interiors. House have
  • Prištalu is workshop and exhibition place during August and September 1999. Produced paintings are connecting space and ambience through relations


  • Exploration of the light intervention at the Golden Gate in Split as an expression of the contemporary art with the
  • Audiovisual installations contain projecting photographs of a clear blue sky, on a beautiful spring day when the space is a
  • A mirror in the golden frame is the object of reflection into the space of another reality. The fairytale-like inverted
  • Two projections of animated photos, projected on opposite walls, supplemented with the sound of morning birds. The first projection consists
  • Audiovisual installation contain ten photos of different parts of body, printed in a silver print + background sound of singing installed


  • I am walking thru sky. It is my courtyard. Heavenly blue dematerialize all material contents including myself physical being. I
  • During the time of my being on the island, in my research of the borderline of the sea and the
  • I shaped several papers in a form of ship and put them at the sea surface. I used paper ship
  • I am dancing in my bedroom (a bed is in the background and the blue paintings are on the wall)
  • Performance is about relations between production and consuming. There is no final product. It is about a process. Art equals
  • In the year 2001 originated the work A4 – a performative intervention. The working process was initiated by the pictographical sign