During the time of my being on the island, in my research of the borderline of the sea and the isolated patch of the land I find the salt in the rock’s cracks. I observe the wondering beauty of slowness of changes of the nature, observing the process of crystallization; during the daylight sun rays enter into the earth’s atmosphere, the heath evaporates the sea in the rocks, the water climbs to the sky… In refreshing effect of the night, gentle parts of vapor being attracted to the earth and is condensed in the form of dew. In the rocks, only the salt is left. If we take a deeper look, we will comprehend - it is one more subtle sea over the top of our heads. The salt is the essence of the sea – a blue being compress into an angular crystal (consolidation and durability determine its shape). I formed a circle out of salt to transmit my sea experience inside the gallery place.