In the year 2001 originated the work A4 – a performative intervention. The working process was initiated by the pictographical sign on the toilet doors, which marks and separates a female from the male area of the space. Merging the two signs created the juxtaposition: the symbol of an androgynous*. The sign-pictogram defined on an objective level of the designator is transformed into a symbol that, by its appearance and meanings, operates on a subjective, intuitive level and enters the realm of imagination. The symbol of an androgynous was produced with the black paint in spray over the stencil. In the year 2009 I gilded the symbol of an androgynous as a form of geometric definiteness and thereby brought it into a state of purification, the unity of the (gold) Being.

* Male and female genders are not complete – they are fragmentation of one whole. Psychology tells about animus and anima that complement the half-gender of a man and reflect the androgynous. Realization of an androgynous (the re-establishment of an integrated male-female being) is the goal of human existence.