This is a video about painting. The idea was to simplify painting by presenting it in 15 animated photos and 15 sentences, which are explaining the whole process. It is a reaction at systematic brochures, books, and video tapes for fast learning how to paint by method do-it-yourself.

Step one: drawing a blue line on a white surface
Step two: drawing a red arrow
Step three: positioning red arrow towards a red circle
Step four: by painting a yellow surface, defining relations between two colors. Yellow surface is in relation with red circle
Step five: blue diagonals - red moving towards circle - dynamic yellow is becoming red and moving forward
Step six: making a green line as an opposition to a red arrow
Step seven: green point inside the yellow surface
Step eight: red arrow surrounded with green surface
Step nine: red become a warmer
Step ten: making several green layers on surface
Step eleven: the space around red circle is filling up with light
Step twelve: drawing a disconnected blue line
Step thirteen: disconnected line is stretching over the painting
Step fourteen: consolidating picture with blue line
Step fifteen: supervising a painting. The picture is finished.